ASI Athena Floor/Table - 14"

ASI Athena Floor/Table - 14"

Brand: Architectural Supplements
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The Athena design is a modern look on the tapered square plant pot or plant container.  The Athena is produced by Architectural Supplements and is a piece of art in and of itself bringing a modern take on an older style.  The round edges of this container give it a soft feel that can complement any indoor tropical plant available.  The colors are glossy and clean and provide multiple options to add vibrancey to any office or home.  The 14 inch Athena is perfect for a larger indoor house plant such as a ficus tree, a palm tree, or other medium to large tropical plant option.   The Athena 14" is better suited to a floor area and complements the shape of numerous shrubs and bushes as well.  This container is a great home design idea for bringing a touch of the outdoors in and providing a stage for any commercial or residential landscape project. 

General Information
Grow Pot Size: 10"
Sub-irrigation Size: SUB-10

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