ASI Axiom - 15"

ASI Axiom - 15"

Brand: Architectural Supplements
Product Code: AXIOM-15
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Axiom 15" planters are a sturdy plastic container perfect for an exterior environment.  The planters are rotationally molded and have a clean horizontally textured surface which gives them a unique, modern appearance. They also are resistant to showing as many scratches and abuse caused from a normal daily wear and tear. The Axiom planter can be fitted with a sub irrigation unit that can extend the watering schedule for outdoors plants past there usual watering time allowing for water conservation better water management.  The axiom 15" can accomodate a 10"-12" potted plant and would work well for any indoor or outdoor specimen depending on your specific location.

General Information
Grow Pot Size: 10" or 12"

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