ASI Axiom - 37"

ASI Axiom - 37"

Brand: Architectural Supplements
Product Code: AXIOM-37
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Axiom 37" planters are a sturdy plastic container perfect for an exterior environment.  The planters are rotationally molded and have a clean horizontally textured surface which gives them a unique, modern appearance. They also are resistant to showing as many scratches and abuse caused from a normal daily wear and tear. The Axiom planter can be fitted with a sub irrigation unit that can extend the watering schedule for outdoors plants past there usual watering time allowing for water conservation better water management.  This sized Axiom is one of the largest commercial grade contaniers we carry and is defiantely suggested for exterior use.  The axiom 37" can accomodate a 24" potted plant and would work well for any of the largest outdoor tree, ficus, or palm specimen depending on your specific location and project needs.  This container could also be used as a raised bed or container garden with other gardening use options in mind.

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Grow Pot Size: 24"

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