Scape Supply Co. provides the Interiorscape Industry with high quality products from many different suppliers. We have exclusive distribution for products ranging from Commercial containers to specialized in house Ceramics. We are a one stop shop for any plantscapers doing installations and design work.

Started back in 1972, the tropical plant industry was born here in Dallas with the creation of Tropical Foliage Supply.  We were the original plant suppliers to the fledgling industry, as it began to grow to encompass malls, banks, hotels, high rises, and everything in between.  We focused mainly on small, medium, and large tropicals plants grown in Florida and California and supplied many high end retailers including Neiman Marcus.  In early 2000, we expanded our supply chain to include beautiful Hawaiian plants and changed the name to Hawaiian Tropical Plant Sales.  This lead the way to bringing better plants to Texas and the contininetal United States.





In 2011, Inscape Supply the top landscape container supplier in Dallas was aquired by us to give our business a full range of every product associated with the interior and exterior landscape profession.  Inscape Supply was known for its great prices and shipping services.With the change of ownership, we were able to bring more services and products to the Midwest and East Coast, as well as, expand our product line.  We have 20,000 sq2 ft of warehouse space giving us the capability to ship daily and keep a full selection of containers in stock. Located in Dallas, TX , we ship anywhere in the U.S. with cost effective options to receive your items quickly. We strive to give you the best solutions to your needs and help with any questions you may have with product sizes and installation questions.