Water Protection

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  • Cork Mat- Singles
  • Riverside Saucers
  • Saucers- Deep -Case
    All of our containers here at Scape Supply require an additional interior saucer to protect the container from water and damage. We have all sizes available from 4 inch up to 36 inches in diameter, as well as short and high saucers for different plant watering needs. Sizes 4"-14"  com..
  • Soil Sleuth - Soil Sampler - Plastic
    Back in the old days, we used to use our finger to test the soil.  Now we have something much better, the Soil Sleuth.  The Soil sSleuth goes into the soil 6-8 inches to test soil moisture content deeper within the root ball.   ..
  • Surface Saver
    Surface Savers are a hard plastic raised disk that allows for moisture and debrit to be kept of the original flooring surface that may come from the bottom of your planter or plant.  The surface savers come in a variety of sizes to fit most any indoor plant need.  These mild raisers give y..